Appleton, Maine

Incorporated 1829

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June 11 Election Results (Town and Schools)

June 11, 2024 CSD Sample Ballot

  June 11, 2024 AVS Sample Ballot

June 11, 2024 Annual Town Meeting Sample Ballot

  June 11, 2024 State Primary Sample Ballots 

2024 Town Report (8 MB)

Comprehensive Plan Review Period

Comprehensive Plan Draft

 Nomination Notice

Revaluation Bid Notice 

Tax Stabilization Program ended after one year...See State Website

Good News! The water at the Town Office and Fire Station is now Drinkable with our new water treatment system paid for with ARPA Funds

The Area Interfaith Outreach Food Pantry is looking for volunteer drivers in Appleton to assist with grocery deliveries. If you are able to help, please call AIO  at 207-596-1043, Having a few volunteer drivers to assist with deliveries to Appleton would be a welcomed addition. Call Rob if driving groceries from Rockland, the home of AIO, is a way you can assist. It takes a village to be a village – thank you for considering this volunteer opportunity.

The Town Office will now be Closed both Wednesdays and Thursdays


 Did you know that you can register your vehicle online?

 Tick Analysis: click on this link  for tick analysis for $15. 




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