Appleton, Maine

Incorporated 1829

License my Dog?

All puppies need to be licensed by age 6 months (after their first 1-year Rabies shot).
All new dogs older than 6 months need to be licensed if they've been with you for 10 days.

For licensing a new dog, please bring a current Rabies certificate.
Also bring the certificate for spay or neutering if it has been done.

Dog licenses are due between October 15 and December 31.

Spayed/Neutered - $6.00
All other dogs - $11.00

 When re-licensing:

You can come visit us or,
You can call us to verify the rabies certificate then:   

  You can pay over the phone with a debit/credit card and we will mail you the new license tag or,
  You can mail us a check and we will mail you the new license tag.

You can do online licenses via the State of Maine

As of February 1, a state mandated late fee of $25.00 is charged along with the regular license fee.

As of April 1, an additional fine of $25.00 is charged as per the Town Ordinance.



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