Appleton, Maine

Incorporated 1829

Town Forester

Town Forester is Stephen Powers and is appointed by the Select Board.

The Town owns eight parcels of land which are described in the five lots below, totaling approx. 298 acres. 

The Town Forester manages the tree growth on these parcels of land

The current Forestry management plan was done in 2001.

Below are the sections of the plan.

- General Overview

- Collins & Pert Lot  125 Acres on Lower Road

- Mid Coast Properties Lot  45 Acres on W.Appleton Road

- Grover McLaughlin Lot  34 Acres on W.Appleton Road

- Lamont Lot  52 Acres on Collinstown Road

- Collamore Lot  42 Acres on Collinstown Road

- Glossary


This is the update to the forestry plan done in 2017

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