Appleton, Maine

Incorporated 1829

Comprehensive Plan Review Committee

The 2024 Comprehensive Plan is almost done!

Following the public hearing on March 21st, the public record for the Draft Comprehensive Plan will  remain open through Friday, April 5th, 2024 for comments, corrections, etc. Following April 5th, the Plan will be finalized and will appear on the June 11, 2024 Town ballot for consideration for approval. Comments and corrections may be submitted until April 5th to the Town Clerks: Anita Wellman, or Langley Willauer,

Copies of the draft Plan can be seen at the Town Office, Town Library, and Town website.


The Comprehensive Plan Review Committee reviewed the 2007 plan and created the 2024 Comprehensive Plan:

Sidney Quarrier

Edward Carroll

Diane Schivera

Scott Esancy

Fred Bucklin

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