Appleton, Maine

Incorporated 1829

Town Clerk

Town Clerk - Anita Wellman

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Marriage License Applications

Changes have been made to the statutes governing the issuance of marriage licenses. The following reflects those changes:

State of Maine resident: a license must be obtained from the city or town in which one of them resides. You no longer need to obtain licenses from each municipality. Place of marriage does not affect place of application.

Out of state resident: a license may be obtained from any municipal office regardless of where your ceremony is to take place.

Please note: for the future, you will only be able to request a certified copy from the town which issued the license. You will want to notate this in a permanent place in your records so that you and/or your family will have a point of reference.

Documentation to bring with you when you apply for a marriage license:

 Proof of identity.

If a prior marriage for either party ended in death or divorce, the clerk will need to see a certified copy of the death certificate or divorce decree. Photocopies are not acceptable.

Both parties must be present to sign the marriage license. The license is valid for 90 days. Cost of the license is $40.


Certified copies of Births, Deaths & Marriages

In accordance with confidentiality statutes, copies of vital records may only be requested by parties who have a direct and legitimate interest in the data listed in the records. In most cases, the persons listed on the certificate or immediate family members are the only ones who may request a certified copy.

Requests may be made, in writing, by fax, or phone. The clerk may request up to 10 days to locate and provide copies once the data has been filed with the clerk. Information which is needed to locate the records:

  • Full name, including middle and maiden name, if applicable.
  • Date of birth, death, or marriage.
  • The number of copies are you requesting. The cost is $15 for the first certified copy requested and $6 for any additional copies provided at the same time.
  • If the copy is to be mailed, addressing information must be provided. An additional fee of $1 for postage & handling.
  • You can do an online request through Vitalcheck or by phone at 1-877-523-2659.
  • To contact the Maine Vital Records, visit this web site or call 1-888-664-9491 or 1(207)287-3181.


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