Appleton, Maine

Incorporated 1829

Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) & Local Plumbing Inspector (LPI) - Peter Conant

If you are going to build, you may want to look at section 6 of the Lot Specification and Building Ordinance. Here is a list of some permits/forms you may need: building permit, subsurface waste water disposal design, road entrance permit, internal plumbing permit or a shoreland permit.

Any addition to a structure that is already 100 square feet needs a permit. If it is a free standing building and is smaller than 100 square feet a permit is not required , but all other requirements of the ordinance apply, including setbacks. Also note that temporary type structures like Hoop houses need a building permit if over 100 sq ft.

If you are starting a business, you might be a home occupation or you might need to go to Planning Board and complete a Site Plan Review.


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